Dress Code and School Uniforms

Dress Code and School Uniforms

Wearing the Bonnie Cone Classical Academy uniform helps a student feel a sense
of belonging and school pride. A higher standard of dress encourages greater respect for
individual students and others and results in a higher standard of behavior. It also prepares
students for the dress code requirements of the workforce. Our dress code guidelines indicate
appropriate school dress for normal school days. Bonnie Cone Classical Academy
reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and/or make changes during the school year.
Students are expected to follow these guidelines. Every student in attendance will wear a
school uniform. Failure to wear any part of the school uniform will result in a disciplinary action. 

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General Uniform Guidelines

  • Hair: Hair must be neat and clean with only one natural born color (no "unnatural" colors, i.e. bright colors). Mohawk cuts, spiked looks or any other unnatural cuts (i.e., designs in scalp) or excessive attachments will not be permitted. No hats, bandanas, or headbands may be worn. Bows or hair tie backs must not be distracting and may only be navy, light blue, white or khaki or any combination thereof.
  • Shoes: Students must wear closed shoes at all times. No slippers (with or without backs or hard bottoms), slides, UGGs or "Crocs-style" shoes may be worn. No heavy military type boots, shoes with metal tips or steel toes may be worn. Tennis shoes (sneakers) are preferred.
  • Socks: solid color socks must be worn (white, navy blue, gray or black). White or navy non-patterned leggings may be worn under uniform skirt or skort. Fishnet stockings, knee high socks, or other inappropriate leg wear is not acceptable.
  • Shirts: All shirts must be uniform shirts purchased from our store. Shirts cannot exceed mid-thigh length. Only one solid white (long or short sleeve) T-shirt can be worn underneath polo shirts. T-shirts should not be visible below the hem of the shirt. Zippered Jackets, if worn, must be purchased through the uniform store. All  Bonnie Cone Classical Academy zippered jackets must be worn with a Bonnie Cone Classical Academy collared school shirt underneath. ABSOLUTELY NO hooded shirts, jackets, or sweatshirts are permitted.
  • Slacks/Shorts:  Slacks & shorts must be worn with a belt through the belt loops, worn at the natural waist, be in good repair, and be the appropriate size. These can be purchased through here. Pants must be purchased from the specified uniform provider. NO cargo pants, leggings without a skirt or skort, capris, jeans, zip-off style pants, skirts, or rolled up shorts are permitted.
  • Belts: Students are required to wear belts. Belts/belt buckles displaying offensive symbols, as deemed inappropriate by Bonnie Cone Classical Academy faculty or administration, are not to be worn. Additional adornments, such as chains, are not permitted.
  • In General: Boys are not permitted to wear earrings of any kind. For girls, earrings are permitted, only one pair and they must be in the ear lobe. No hoop earrings greater in diameter than the pinky finger. No gauge earrings are permitted. No other body piercing (including lip, tongue or eyebrow piercing) or cartilage piercing is allowed. At no time are students to wear anything offensive, immodest, or deemed inappropriate by the faculty or administration. No "Gothic" looks, dog collars, spiked jewelry, no visible tattoos, etc. or any other accessories deemed inappropriate by the faculty and administration.

Bottom Options

Grades K-5

  • BCCA light blue polo, short or long sleeved
  • Khaki bottoms (shorts, slacks, skorts).
  • Belt
  • Socks- white, navy blue, gray or black solid colors only
  • Closed toe and heel shoes 

Grade 6

  • BCCA Navy polo, short or long sleeved
  • Khaki bottoms (shorts, slacks, skorts)
  • Belt
  • Socks- white, navy blue, gray or black solid colors only
  • Closed toe and heel shoes