Fine Arts

Fine Arts

One of the best things about Bonnie Cone Classical Academy’s (BCCA) classical education method is the inclusion of fine arts alongside our rigorous academic process. We recognize the importance of visual arts and music in today’s schools.

In the early stages of learning, art education is largely creative: that is, students making art themselves. As they progress, students then learn to categorize (e.g. by time period or style), and then to analyze art, building on their core knowledge to come to a deeper understanding of expression and cultural significance.

As our students develop an appreciation for the arts, they recognize art as the cultural heartbeat of society. This inspires them to continue their study of the arts and to contribute to their own society’s artistic landscape.

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Student Artwork

Visual Arts

Studying visual arts at Bonnie Cone Classical Academy gives students a (literal) glimpse into the past. Students study culturally significant works in order to further understand the society of the time, as well as the conventional artistic methods used in that time. Exposing even young children to great works of art will help them come to know and appreciate the role of art in everyday life.

Our program also empowers students to use creativity to create their own works of art, further deepening their understanding of how art can convey feelings and allow for healthy personal expression.

Students wearing Custumes


Music has long been recognized as a powerful supplement to formal education. Music requires the use of broader concepts like literacy and mathematics and allows students to use a different part of the brain. Music can also be a powerful memorization tool, helping students memorize facts or concepts in the early stages of learning.

By integrating music into our curriculum, BCCA allows students to learn new content in new ways, to explore a field they may not have otherwise studied, and to develop and use talents to broaden their horizons.