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BCCA’s after school programs focus on the needs of students today, whether they want to focus on physical health, join a club, or get help with their homework. Whatever their needs, these extracurricular activities can help round out a student’s education and make their time at BCCA even more memorable.

As an affordable, convenient after school option, our programs are open to students of all needs and abilities. 

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Fine Arts

The role of fine arts in a comprehensive education cannot be underestimated. A classical education, in particular, places emphasis on fine arts and its worth in schools and the world. BCCA adopts this philosophy wholeheartedly.

We integrate visual arts and music programs that study the history, methods, and meaning of historically relevant works. Our classes emphasize interpretation, understanding, and appreciation, helping students recognize the vital role that works of art play in our society.

There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other, how to live. - John Adams

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy (BCCA) is committed to furthering the educational experience of our students—both inside the classroom and out.

As the founders of classical education, Ancient Greeks recognized the importance of both the body and the mind, centering their educational systems around this idea. Physical and mental strength was vital in becoming viable, contributing citizens in their society.

In the modern world, research has shown that participation in extracurricular activities may contribute to student engagement and academic achievement. A student’s participation in these activities is positively correlated with a student’s GPA and test scores, including SAT scores.

BCCA has adopted the mindset of the Ancient Greeks and applied modern research by introducing a wide variety of extracurricular programs to our campus. As students participate in these activities with their peers, they will learn to broaden their horizons, develop meaningful relationships, and hone skills that will add to the depth of their overall education.

We invite BCCA students to register for these programs through the front office. For students who are not currently enrolled, we invite you to schedule a tour of our school to learn more.

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2021-2022 Fall Afterschool Clubs and Enrichment Programs

Clubs/Programs Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Time Notes

BCCA Chorus

X         3:00-4:15 All Grades
Ukulele/Guitar         X 3:00-4:15 All Grades
Drama Kids       X   3:00-4:00 Grades 3-6 Only
Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO Club     X     3:15-4:15 All Grades
Leaps N Bounds Dance   X       3:00-4:00 All Grades
Flag Football   X       3:00-4:30 Grades K-5
Cheer Club     X     3:00-4:30 Grades K-5
Archery   X   X X 3:00-6:00 All Grades
STEAM Club     X     3:00-4:00 Grades K-5
Charlotte Chess Club         X 3:15-4:15 All Grades
Team Turse Afterschool X X X X X 3:00-6:00 All Grades

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